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Frazzled trying to juggle the people and priorities God entrusted to you? So are we! Edith Stein (St. Teresa Benedicta) was a Jewish philosopher in Germany who became a Carmelite nun in 1934, but was murdered at Auschwitz. “Secretum meum mihi,” (It’s Latin for “my secret is mine.”) was her cryptic response when her best friend asked why she became a Catholic in 1922. She is our patroness at MY SECRET IS MINE.

Don’t you have a secret too? At work, you never mention faith for fear of being misunderstood. At church, you never mention your work because no one asks. Friends and family have a rightful place in our hearts, but we often feel inadequate to meet their needs. The daily pace never slows. Even though it has been a century since Edith converted, women of faith still struggle to be taken seriously.

The team behind MY SECRET IS MINE shares inspirational interviews with women with a range of experiences and challenges. Stories of real women throughout history who witnessed to the Messiah. Book reviews of novels (old and new) worth a second look. Bible studies that you will want to share with friends. Prayer concerns with a lot of context added. Career advice with a little prayer mixed in for inspiration. And the occasional meme of thought-provoking insights from the Bible and saints like our dear Edith.

Every era has its challenges. Ours is no different.

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A few words about content

Regarding our interviews: On occasion, we interview persons who may not be in full communion with the Catholic Church. It is our editorial policy to create space, and give space to persons from all walks of life, with many different experiences of faith. We are committed to the radical love of Jesus in the gospels. And we ask our subscribers to stand with us in awe and respect of individual souls.

Regarding our Bible Studies: The Bible is our sacred gift from God - and should be read first as a spiritual exercise. The Old Testament was composed in Hebrew and the New Testament was composed in Greek. MY SECRET IS MINE presents translations and context that might help the stories come alive for today’s Catholic women. To the extent the academic and linguistic facts about the passage are edifying, we celebrate them. And if not, we humbly ask that you just focus on the text.

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We want your input – share your secrets with us! Help us find what YOU want to read – and share it with other women looking for content that reminds us Jesus loves every single one of us, more than we can even imagine. We’d love to know what you think!

Secretum Meum Mihi Press also publishes the essays and bible studies in booklets - perfect for parish bible study and women’s groups. Visit for more information. Parish discounts available!

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“Secretum meum mihi,” (“my secret is mine.”) was St. Edith's Stein's cryptic response when her best friend asked why she converted. We serve up interviews, historical sketches, bible studies, book reviews and essays for Catholic women.


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